Sentence Examples

  • Baptism and the agape took their rise in Palestine, and in their origin certainly owed little or nothing to outside influences.
  • Jessi's mouth was agape at the erotic poses Laurencio called for them to do.
  • The history of the agape coincides, until the end of the 2nd century, with that of the eucharist, and it is doubtful whether the following detailed account of the agape given in Tertullian's Apology (c. 39) is to be regarded as exclusive of an accompanying eucharist: "It is the banquet (triclinium) alone of the Christians that is criticised.
  • The early Christian agape admitted of adaptation to the older funeral and sacrificial feasts, and was so adapted.
  • Her mouth was agape again, as it had been when he told her he was expelled.