Sentence Examples

  • Aftermarket. These kind of units are purchased because you want the ability to use it in your car as well as on foot, like in an unfamiliar city.
  • The Detroit Big Three, Chrysler-Fiat, General Motors, and Ford, are all engaged with aftermarket suppliers to help them build more affordable and efficient parts, especially in today's global economy.
  • Know that as soon as a phone is unlocked, whether from the factory or through your own aftermarket modification, the phone is unlocked forever (unless you or your carrier lock it again).
  • If you choose this route, you'll be purchasing aftermarket floor mats, but you will get the personal touch of their sales team to ensure you buy floor mats that fit your Toyota Sienna.
  • If you own an electric RC car or truck and would like to make it faster, visit your hobby store and talk to them about an aftermarket motor designed to increase speed.