Sentence Examples

  • The pair of aeons, Adamas and Gnosis, among the Barbelognostics, in Irenaeus i.
  • In the Valentinian systems the pair of aeons, Anthropos and Ekklesia, occupy the third or fourth place within the Oydods, but incidentally we learn that with some representatives of this school the Anthropos took a still more prominent place (first or second; Hilgenfeld, Ketzergeschichte, p. 294 seq.).
  • Between the two aeons there would take place the advent of the Messiah, who would lead the struggle with evil powers which was called " the agonies of the Messiah."
  • In them above all the world of the higher aeons is further extended and filled with a throng of varied figures.
  • "the highest purest light, the gentle wind, the harmony of sounds, the voice of all the aeons, and the beauty of their forms," all these being treated as abstractions and personified.

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