Sentence Examples

  • It's fairly safe to take advantage of referrals from printers, because they won't refer you to any professional service provider unless they ae absolutely sure that that professional can perform.
  • The tall Ae. grandiflorum forms a spreading bush about a foot high, from which springs racemes of pink and lilac flowers.
  • A variety called purpurascens (sometimes Ae. discolor) has much showier flowers, larger, and of a reddish tint.
  • The AEsculi, named in gardens and nurseries as Ae. neglecta, hybrida, pubescens, Lyoni, rosea, and pallida, may be included in one of the foregoing species.
  • Ae. flava (the yellow Buckeye) is sometimes 40 feet high, with something of the habit of the red Buckeye (Ae. rubicunda), but smoother leaves.