Sentence Examples

  • After the death of his more moderateminded friend Adolf Sander (March 9th, 1845), Hecker's tone towards the government became more and more bitter.
  • Among the more recent are: Sdmtliche Werke (Stuttgart, 1890), edited by Adolf Stern; by H.
  • Gaul, Die Abfassungsverhdltnisse der pseudojustinischen Cohortatio ad Graecos (1902); Adolf Harnack, Diodor von Tarsus.
  • ADOLF HARNACK (1851-), German theologian, was born on the 7th of May 1851 at Dorpat, in Russia, where his father, Theodosius Harnack (1817-1889), held a professorship of pastoral theology.
  • GOTTLIEB CHRISTOPH ADOLF VON HARLESS (1806-1879), German divine, was born at Nuremberg on the 21st of November 1806, and was educated at the universities of Erlangen and Halle.