Sentence Examples

  • AILLY, PIERRE D' (1350-1420), French theologian, was born at Compiegne in 1350 of a bourgeois family, and studied in Paris at the celebrated college of Navarre.
  • Metternich, on visiting Compiegne and Paris, found the emperor thoroughly devoted to his bride.
  • The civil and religious contracts took place at Paris early in April, and during the honeymoon, spent at the palace of Compiegne, the emperor showed the greatest regard for his wife.
  • Lothair and his brother Pippin joined the rebels, and after Judith had been sent into a convent and Bernard had fled to Spain, an assembly was held at Compiegne, when Louis was practically deposed and Lothair became the real ruler of the Empire.
  • The queen-mother followed the king and cardinal to Compiegne, but as she refused to be reconciled with Richelieu she was left there alone and forbidden to return to Paris.