Sentence Examples

  • The metal is usually obtained from the flue-dust (produced during the first three or four hours working of a zinc distillation) which is collected in the sheet iron cones or adapters of the zinc retorts.
  • Versifiers and adapters from the French appeared also in Counts Adam and Joseph Teleki, Alexander Baroczi and Joseph Peczeli, known also as the translator of Young's " Night Thoughts."
  • Each retort is provided with two adapters, namely, a conical pipe of fire-clay, about 15 in.
  • Supposing the last of these preliminary distillations to have been completed, the residues left in the retorts are removed, and the retorts, as they lie in the hot furnace, are charged by mean: of semi-cylindrical shovels, and their adapters put on.
  • The iron adapters are now slipped on, and left on for two hours, when, as a matter of experience, a considerable amount of zinc has gone out of the retort, the greater part into the fire-clay adapter, the rest into the iron cone.