Sentence Examples

  • Grignard (Comptes Rendus, 1900 et seq.) showed that aldehydes combine with magnesium alkyl iodides (in absolute ether solution) to form addition products, which are decomposed by water with the formation of secondary alcohols, thus from acetaldehyde and magnesium methyl iodide, isopropyl alcohol is obtained.
  • Acetaldehyde, CH3�CHO, was first noticed by C. Scheele in 1774 and isolated and investigated by J.
  • (For trichloracetaldehyde see Chloral.) By the action of acetaldehyde on alcohol at Ioo° C., acetal, CH 3.
  • The higher aldehydes of the series resemble acetaldehyde in their general behaviour.
  • Scholtz (Ber., 1894, 2 7, p. 2 95 8) from piperonyl acrolein (the condensation product of piperonal and acetaldehyde) and acetic acid.