Sentence Examples

  • Duclaux found that acetic acid is formed in small quantities during fermentation; aldehyde has also been detected.
  • According to this theory a " chemical type " embraced compounds containing the same number of equivalents combined in a like manner and exhibiting similar properties; thus acetic and trichloracetic acids, aldehyde and chloral, marsh gas and chloroform are pairs of compounds referable to the same type.
  • By the action of hydroxylamine or phenylhydrazine on aldehydes or ketones, condensation occurs between the carbonyl oxygen of the aldehyde or ketone and the amino group of the hydroxylamine or hydrazine.
  • 4]-trimethylbenzene or pseudocumene; and of the condensation product of two molecules of isovaleryl aldehyde with one of acetone, C 3 H 7 CH 2 CH:C(C 3 H 7) CH:CH CO.
  • 5]- ethylisophthalic acid, and with butyric aldehyde the corresponding propylisophthalic acid.