Acd Definition


(metrology) Symbol for the attocandela, an SI unit of luminous intensity equal to 10−18 candelas.


A system or application software program that serves to route incoming calls to the most available and appropriate agent. Incoming call centers make extensive use of such specialized software to enhance customer service.An ACD typically uses an automated attendant (i.e., front-end interactive voice processor) to answer incoming calls and provide callers with menu selections to guide the call through the system, perhaps sorting them into multiple queues associated with special ized agent groups according to the nature of the call and the caller. High priority calls (e.g., orders rather than returns) and calls from high priority callers (e.g., frequent customers) can be advanced to the head of the queue or placed in special queues.The routing of the call to an agent can be on the basis of next available, longest time since last call, least number of calls answered, or some other fairness routing algorithm. ACDs can be in the form of a specially equipped and partitioned PBX. Intensive call center applications typically make use of specialized ACDs that function as highly intelligent switches equipped primarily for the processing of incoming calls. An ACD is similar to, but much more sophisticated than a uniform call distributor (UCD). See also call blending, PBX, and UCD.

Webster's New World Telecom