Sentence Examples

  • Although there is really no such thing as "full coverage" insurance, this term is often used to describe car coverage that includes physical damage coverage, a.k.a. "comprehensive and collision coverage".
  • The Addiction Medical Group Inc. (AMGI) offers Rapidly Accelerated Narcotic Detoxification (a.k.a. ultrarapid opiate detoxification) to people who are chemically dependent on opiates.
  • The popular CBS reality TV show is considered a pioneer in the genre pitting contestants (a.k.a. castaways) against each other in remote locations around the world.
  • Erin Esurance, a.k.a the Esurance Girl, is the catsuit-clad, pink-haired, highly athletic secret agent, who has single-handedly made car insurance super-sexy.
  • As many women are rightly concerned about the feeling of thongs (a.k.a. the wedgie), when shopping, look for the thinnest fabric available.