Sentence Examples

  • From this time forth she led the life of a woman of letters, writing novels, of which The Minister's Wooing (18J9) is best known, and many studies of social life in the form both of fiction and essay.
  • But the story of Agariste's wooing resembles romance and has slight chronological value.
  • 10 The wooing of Ishtar by the hero of the epic falls under Virgo, and his encounter with two scorpion men, guardians of the rising and the setting sun, under Scorpio.
  • In the same way a woman reappeared to her husband in Glencoe in the last generation, but he was wooing another lass and did not make any effort to recover his wife.
  • From Herodotus' famous account of the wooing of Agariste it may be inferred that he held intercourse with many commercial centres of Greece and south Italy.