Sentence Examples

  • Unyielding, even with his attempts to breach her mind and influence her.
  • It is impossible to describe this machinery within the limits of this article, but it is notable that the principal difficulties to be overcome arise from the necessity of providing the glass with a perfectly continuous and unyielding support to which it can be firmly attached but from which it can be detached without undue difficulty.
  • One of Isaac D'Israeli's reasons for quitting the tents of his people was that rabbinical Judaism, with its unyielding laws and fettering ceremonies, "cuts off the Jews from the great family of mankind."
  • But by this time the ancient Palaeozoic chain had become a part of the unyielding massif, and the folding did not extend beyond its foot.
  • If, therefore, one part is held up, by unyielding rock for example, while an adjoining part has no support but the clay beneath it, a fracture - not unlike a geological fault - must result.