Sentence Examples

  • The duchy of Benevento remained tributary, but independent.
  • The Deerfield, West, Williams, White, Passumpsic and Nulhegan rivers are the largest of the many streams which are tributary to the Connecticut.
  • This plateau region is watered by numerous tributaries of the Parnahyba, chief of which are the Urussuhy, the Caninde and its tributary the Piauhy, the Gurgueia and its tributary the Parahim, which drains the large inland lake of Parnagua, the Longa, and the Poty, which has its source in the state of Ceara.
  • RUHR, a river of Germany, an important right-bank tributary of the lower Rhine.
  • He succeeded in making the majority of the Britons, Picts and Scots tributary to him.