Sentence Examples

  • She filled the feeder and let Destiny throw some grain through the fence.
  • In 1898, at Birmingham, a prize of £ioo was given for a self-moving vehicle for light loads, ioo and 50 for self-moving vehicles for heavy loads, and fio for safety feeder to chaff-cutter, in accordance with the Chaffcutting Machines (Accidents) Act 1897.
  • Yama-mai worm of Japan, Antheraea (Sarnia) yama-mai, an oak-feeder, is a race of considerable importance in Japan, where it was said to be jealously guarded against foreigners.
  • The railway runs through the centre of the rice-producing area, and feeder roads open up the country as far as the Shan foot-hills.
  • It lies in a deep valley on the Hindburn, a feeder of the Calder.