Sentence Examples

  • The author of Oceana, he appears to have been a theorizing republican.
  • His presentations of character and motives, whether truthful or not, are undeniably fine; but his doctrine that there should be "no theorizing" about history tended to narrow his survey, and consequently he sometimes, as in his remarks on the foreign policy of Elizabeth, seems to misapprehend the tendencies of a period on which he is writing.
  • Of water; also the cubic inch is very nearly 250 grains, while the gallon has actually been fixed at 10 lb of water; the first two are certainly mere coincidences, as may very probably be the last also, and yet they offer quite as tempting a base for theorizing as any connexions in ancient metrology.
  • He is as innocent of the leading ideas which shaped the work of Polybius as he is of the cheap theorizing which wearie us in the pages of Dionysius.