Sentence Examples

  • People who go to the gym with a vague idea along the lines of, "Uh, I think I'll do chest today," tend to end up with a lot of bench presses, little variation, and no clue why they're getting so-so results.
  • A pair of these unstoppably chic boots could easily mean the difference between a so-so outfit and something completely stunning and attention-grabbing.
  • The wrong glass shape, serving temperature or storage location of unopened wine bottles can turn a good bottle wine into just a so-so glass of wine.
  • The Sally Hansen nail care collection, as mentioned, is chalk full of the products necessary to transform so-so nails into sublimely perfect ones.
  • Honestly, most people will find the bulk of the songs to be so-so at best, but at least the really serious duds are few and far between.