Sentence Examples

  • Danielle's Place - Here, you'll find some really cute and unique paper dolls, including a paper doll dog, snowman, "God Made Me" which resemble the child and even a troll paper doll with fuzzy orange hair.
  • Finally, one of the easiest ways to look like the Grinch at Christmas is to purchase an abominable snowman costume, paint or dye it green, and then throw on a red jacket, a big belt and a classic Santa hat, and you are good to go.
  • Footsteps Clothing: Dubbed "Fun Holiday Clothes for Fun Families, buyers can choose from matching red plaid lounge pants and red long-sleeved t-shirts that read, "A Very Merry Me" under the picture of a snowman.
  • Craft fairs held during the holidays may also offer the option of placing an order for personalized Christmas snowman stockings that are hand-sewn while you wait or that you can pick up at a later date.
  • Consider the personalized winter coffee, snowflake bath confetti, Winter Wedding Cocoa Mix, silver spark snowflakes, winter chocolate take out boxes, silver kissing bells, and snowman snow globe favors.