Sentence Examples

  • Within little more than six weeks Bruce, collecting his adherents in the south-west, passed from Lochmaben to Glasgow and thence to Scone, where he was crowned king of Scotland on the 27th of March 1306.
  • We observe that the chief peers of Alexander, who signed the charter of his monastery at Scone, are Celts - Heth, earl of Moray (husband of the daughter of Lulach), Ma]ise of Strathearn, Dufagan of Fife, and Rory.
  • On the death of Alexander's daughter, Margaret of Norway (1283), and of his son, the prince of Scotland, without issue, the estates, at Scone, recognized Margaret's infant daughter as rightful successor.
  • He seized the Black Rood, the coronation stone of Scone, St Margaret's fragment of the True Cross, and many documents; then he marched north as far as Elgin.
  • Edward Baliol was enabled to seize and fortify Perth and was crowned at Scone, as Edward I.