Sentence Examples

  • You login to this website by accident and as soon as you do, the site send all your login information to the scammer and he or she is privy to whatever information is on the site.Other holiday shopping crimes include deception.
  • Since we can assume that this scammer doesn't have good credit history himself (after all why would he need yours if his was good?), he will probably default on the loan or run up high credit card debt then disappear.
  • In fact, it's entirely possible that the scammer is sitting in an Internet café scrolling through chat rooms, online dating sites and other avenues to gather information about you and a dozen other victims.
  • Internet dating scams often involve pleas for emergency cash because the scammer owes money, had an accident, or needs an emergency visa.
  • If you feel you have been contacted by a scammer who is posing as a representative of a charity, you have the right to take action.