Sentence Examples

  • Other tales said the stone was the one given by Rhea to Cronus as a substitute for Zeus.
  • But before this grouping had recommended itself to the Romans, with their legend of Mars and Rhea Silvia, the Greek Ares had again become under Macedonian influence a bearded, armed and powerful god.
  • Cassini discovered Saturn's fifth satellite (Rhea) in 1672 with a telescope of 35 ft., and the third and fourth satellites in 1684 with telescopes made by Campani of looand 136-ft.
  • Campani, with which he discovered in 1671 Iapetus, the ninth in distance of Saturn's family of satellites; Rhea was detected in 1672 with a glass by the same maker of 34-ft.
  • The feathers of the rhea have a considerable market value, and for the purpose of trade in them it is annually killed by thousands, so that' its total extinction as a wild animal is probably only a question of time.