Sentence Examples

  • He represents the art of playing the flute as opposed to the lyre - the one the accompaniment of the worship of Cybele, the other that of the worship of Apollo.
  • Later we find the worship of Isis and of Cybele,the latter being especially flourishing, with large corporations of dendrophori (priests who carried branches of trees in procession) and cannofori (basketcarriers); the worship of Mithras, too, had a large number of followers.
  • To the south-west of the conspicuous temple alluded to are the remains of a temple of Cybele, with a portico.
  • His worship was closely connected with that of the great mother Cybele and of Attis.
  • The priests of Cybele, or archigalli, submitted to the discipline in the temple of the goddess (Plutarch, Adv.