Sentence Examples

  • One other complaint from the reviewer at GPS Magazine includes the issue of having to connect the power cord to the GPS rather than the mount and you have to wait to plug it in until after you've got the GPS in the cradle.
  • One reviewer calls them a bit heavy because of the heftiness of the frame and the fact that metal is inside, but states that the qualities that make the sunglasses heavy also ensure that they keep their shape.
  • The reviewer states being skeptical that such a lightweight shoe (just six ounces) could stand up to her rigorous workout, but that within one hour of putting them to the test, she "was completely sold."
  • Critics gave the show a lukewarm response, with one reviewer likening it to "eating diet rice cakes," but the viewing audience disagreed and turned My Fair Wedding into a top rated show for WE.
  • In 1979, a music reviewer described the band as playing "gothic dance music" and their owner of their label - the legendary Tony Wilson of Factory Records - also described the band as "gothic."