Sentence Examples

  • Chains require pulleys or drums, grooved, notched and toothed, so as to fit the links of the chain.
  • Obtusiloba, the post oak of the backwoodsman, a smaller tree with rough leaves and notched upper lobes, produces an abundance of acorns and good timber, said to be more durable than that of the white oak.
  • The flowers are mostly heavy and drooping, petals brightly coloured, the edges being curiously notched and waved.
  • The more typical members of the genus are terrestrial in their habits, and their cheek-teeth have nearly the same pattern as in rhinoceroses; while the interval between the upper incisors is less than the width of the teeth; and the lower incisors are only slightly notched at the cutting edge.
  • The saw is first found as a notched bronze knife of the IHrd Dynasty.