Sentence Examples

  • I nicked the side of her neck, just enough to bleed.
  • Tongue long, with papillae, like that of the Lacertidae but only feebly nicked anteriorly.
  • Roman glass beads are always drawn out, and nicked off hot, with striation Iengthways; except the large opaque variegated beads which are coiled.
  • Steelyards are simple, trustworthy and durable, but unless special contrivances are introduced for ascertaining the position of the travelling poise with very great accuracy, there will be a little uncertainty as to the reading, and therefore steelyards are not in general so accurate as scale-beams. When carefully nicked they are well-adapted for weighing out definite quantities of goods, such as i lb, 2 lb, &c., as in such cases there is no question of estimation.
  • Tongue, thick and broad, slightly nicked anteriorly.