Sentence Examples

  • Though really evergreen, the leaves are so small and scattered that even in full growth the plant has a peculiar appearance, and yet so thickly do the stems interlace that there is no suggestion of nakedness.
  • Thus, nakedness has been able to be imagined as both an indecent state needing to be covered by "culture" (clothing) and a pure state far superior to the indecent cultural masquerade of clothing.
  • The nakedness of "savages," for example, has been imagined as evidence of their inferior humanness-but it has also been subject to romanticization (the "naturalness" of the "noble savage").
  • In the Judaic tradition, however, in which the Godhead was imagined as gloriously veiled, nakedness was more likely to signify degradation, humiliation, or loss of personhood.
  • It was then he began the slow realization that it was not his beloved wife who spooned against his back in nakedness, sharing his bed!