Sentence Examples

  • For the woman who may not want the bareness of a bikini, but still prefers a two-piece bathing suit, tankinis by Christina will keep you stylishly outfitted for summertime fun.
  • He failed to register the familiar, yet not familiar glance of fingers on the bareness of his body.
  • Its chief characteristic is the bareness and aridity of its surface; one-third of the whole desert, and of the remainder only a small proportion is suited to settled life, owing to its scanty water-supply and uncertain rainfall.
  • Phil.) begun to endeavour after an amalgamation of the Spinozistic conception of substance with the Platonic view of an ideal realm, and to find therein the means of enriching the bareness of absolute reason.
  • It was, of course, not to be expected that an Oxonian Tory should praise the Presbyterian polity and ritual, or that an eye accustomed to the hedgerows and parks of England should not be struck by the bareness of Berwickshire and East Lothian.