Sentence Examples

  • He will become the lesser of two evils.
  • She still gave him the look that said she thought he was a lesser being because of his status, but she'd refused to sleep until they found her friend.
  • Or more in vertical height may justly be called a mountain, while abrupt slopes of lesser height may be called hills.
  • The greater richness of tone of the modern pianoforte is a better compensation for any bareness that may be imputed to pure two-part or three-part writing than a filling out which deprives the listener of the power to follow the essential lines of the music. The same holds good, though in a lesser degree, of the resources of the harpsichord in respect of octavestrings.
  • The lesser people tolerated him because he extended the power of their city and made it beautiful with public buildings., The bourgeoisie, protected in their trade, found it convenient to support him.