Sentence Examples

  • The Hickinbotham's winery has done nothing to impugn the reputation of their neighborhood.
  • At the same time he did not impugn the authority of the Church, which he regarded as useful in maintaining external unity.
  • There is no reason to impugn the soundness of this substantially consentient testimony to the pronunciation Yahweh or Jahveh, coming as it does through several independent channels.
  • Pecock's idea was that all the statements which he was prepared to impugn came from three false opinions or "trowings," viz.
  • Yet these two schools of Sufis were never quite similar; on Sunnite soil Sufiism could not openly impugn orthodox views, while in Persia it was saturated with Shiite heresy and the pantheism of the extreme devotees of 'Ali.