Sentence Examples

  • Some critics have impugned his legal knowledge, but probably without justice.
  • In his closing years he had some controversy with John Locke, whom he considered to have impugned the doctrine of the Trinity.
  • Sir James Rose-Innes, a lawyer whose intellectual gifts and patriotism have never been impugned, was not a " party man," and this made him, on more than one occasion, a somewhat difficult political ally.
  • Osiander, maintaining the infusion of Christ's righteousness into the believer, impugned the Lutheran doctrine of imputation; Chemnitz defended it with striking ability.
  • It is true that his election was immediately impugned by the cardinals on frivolous grounds; but the responsibility for this rests, partially at least, with the pope himself, whose reckless and inconsiderate zeal for reform was bound to excite a revolution among the worldly cardinals still yearning for the fleshpots of Avignon.