Sentence Examples

  • Marconi, ib., 1902, 7 0, P. 344.
  • Soc. Arts, 1901, and " Measurement of High Frequency Currents," Cantor Lectures, ib., 1905; G.
  • Weismann.) I, Ideally primitive method of budding, in which the mouth is formed first (Ia), next the tentacles (Ib), and lastly the umbrella.
  • But if a " possessory " action had been brought in the latter, a subsequent suit in the courts spiritual for the property was deemed " abusive " and restrained (ib., s.v.
  • 465)/32 = 28,720 ib, and the corresponding horse-power which must be developed in the cylinders is, from (20), f V/550, and this is with f and V equal to the above values, 1149.