Sentence Examples

  • The hills and farmlands gradually turned to inner suburbia and then to the harshness of urban streets, choked tightly with the crush, smells and sounds of the city.
  • Why did they not seem inflicted by the harshness his people knew?
  • In the middle notes of the musical register the maximum harshness occurs when the beats are about 30.
  • He also modifies the harshness of St Mark's style, and frequently recasts his language in reference to diseases.
  • The National Gallery "Virgin of the Rocks" certainly, with help from Ambrogio de Predis; in this the Florentine character of the original is modified by an admixture of Milanese elements, the tendency to harshness and over-elaboration of detail softened, the strained action of the angel's pointing hand altogether dropped, while in many places pupils' work seems recognizable beside that of the master.