Sentence Examples

  • The brutality of some Spanish governors on the spot provoked anger The cortes assembled in Cadiz, being under the influence of the merchants and mob, could make no concessions, and all Spanish America flamed into revolt.
  • Meanwhile the brutality of the king and his ministers had begun to produce a reaction.
  • The projection of the muzzle, which gives the character of brutality to the gorilla as distinguished from the man, is yet further exaggerated in the lemurs, as is also the backward position.
  • Husband and wife quarrelled with the brutality of the age and came to open war.
  • It estranged from the king the hearts of all his French subjects, who were already sufficiently disgusted by~ many minor acts of brutality, as well as by incessant arbitrary taxation and by the reckless ravages in which Johns mercenary troops had been indulging.