Sentence Examples

  • Roger Bacon's reference to Neckam as a grammatical writer (in multis vera et utilia scripsit: sed.
  • It is confirmed by grammatical considerations.
  • This piece, called in Irish the Faed Fiada or "Cry of the Deer," contains a number of remarkable grammatical forms, and the latest editors are of opinion that it may very well be genuine.
  • The criticism of Malherbe, followed by the establishment of the Academy, the minute grammatical censures of Claude Favre Vaugelas, and the severe literary censorship of Boileau, turned French in less than three-quarters of a century from one of the freest languages in Europe to one of the most restricted.
  • The best edition of the grammatical works is by Hertz and Keil, in Keil's Grammatici latini, vols.