Sentence Examples

  • Twisting of any portion of the intestines may cut off the supply of blood to a loop of bowel (strangulation), reducing the flow of oxygen to bowel tissue (ischemia) and leading to tissue death (gangrene).
  • Louis Pasteur first observed garlic's antibacterial qualities in 1858, and until World War II is was routinely used to prevent gangrene in patients with infected wounds.
  • Strangulation occurs in about 25 percent of bowel obstruction cases and is a serious condition that can progress to gangrene within six to 12 hours.
  • If malrotation or duodenal volvulus has caused the blood supply to be cut off in a portion of the intestine before surgery, death of intestinal tissue can result and life-threatening gangrene can develop.
  • He died of gangrene of the leg in his seventieth year.