Sentence Examples

  • P. Wheeler, Daniel Webster, the Expounder of the Constitution (New York, 2905); S.
  • He was the propagandist of sentiments and aspirations rather than the expounder of a systematic theory.
  • And Swedenborg is the divinely commissioned expounder of this threefold sense of the word, and so the founder of the New Church, the paraclete of the last dispensation.
  • The name Eupatridae survived in historical times, but the Eupatridae were then excluded from the cult of the "Semnae" at Athens, and also held the hereditary office of "expounder of the law" (7yii-r17s) in connexion with purification from the guilt of murder.
  • He received £50 for a translation of Legendre's Geometry; and an introduction, explaining the theory of proportion, is said by De Morgan to show that he could have gained distinction as an expounder of mathematical principles.