Sentence Examples

  • But after the death of Toghrul Shah (1170) his three sons disputed with each other for the possession of the throne, and implored foreign assistance, till the country became utterly devastated and fell an easy prey to some bands of Ghuzz, who, under the leadership of Malik Dinar (1185), marched into Kerman after harassing Sinjar's dominions.
  • This potentate, the sultan Ali Dinar, was recognized by the Sudan government, on condition of the payment of an annual tribute.
  • Dinar, 242253 (856867).
  • The monetary unit is the dinar (franc) of loo paras (centimes).
  • This was at the rate of a dinar per feddan, of which the proceeds were used in the first place for the pay of the troops and their families, with about half the amount in kind for the rations of the army.