Sentence Examples

  • Who defines the terms to be completed for the reincarnated?
  • It defines the condition which must be fulfilled by the potential at any and every point in an electric field, through which p is finite and the electric force continuous.
  • But here he used the term " real " somewhat unguardedly, for in his Defence he asserts a real presence, but defines it as exclusively a spiritual presence; and he repudiates the idea that the bread and wine were " bare tokens."
  • The component parts of a lease are the parties, the recitals (when necessary) setting out such matters as the title of the lessor; the demise or actual letting (the word " demise " is ordinarily used, but any term indicating an express intention to make a present letting is sufficient); the parcels in which the extent of the premises demised is stated; the habendum (which defines the commencement and the term of the lease), the reddendum or reservation of rent, and the covenants and conditions.
  • Al Ala, it defines the Orontes valley on the east.