Sentence Examples

  • By standardizing the Cub Scout patch location, the Boy Scouts of America have created a way for all Cub Scouts from around the world to recognize and know a lot about each other, from the different colors of Arrow Points to the Den Number.
  • One person's donation to the shop could provide the very uniform you are looking for.If you enjoy spending your Saturday mornings visiting the local yard sales, you may also find a used Cub Scout uniform in someone else's front yard.
  • Perfectly black leopards, which in certain lights show the characteristic markings on the fur, are not uncommon, and are examples of melanism, occurring as individual variations, sometimes in one cub out of a litter of which the rest are normally coloured, and therefore not indicating a distinct race, much less a species.
  • So far as the hounds are concerned, the object of cub hunting is to teach them their duty; it is a dress rehearsal of the November business.
  • Cub hunting carried out on a proper principle is one of the secrets of a successful season.