Sentence Examples

  • In 1895, at Darlington, the competitions were confined to hay-making machines and clover-making machines.
  • The fishings are controlled by the Loch Leven Angling Association, which organizes competitions attracting anglers from far and near.
  • The meetings took place either in the Rathaus, or town hall, or, when they were held - as was usually the case - on Sunday, in the church; and three times a year, at Easter, Whitsuntide and Christmas, special festivals and singing competitions were instituted.
  • In recent years competitions of the "missing word" type have had considerable vogue, the competitor, for instance, having to supply the last line of the limerick.
  • The Morelianos are noted for their love of music, and musical competitions are held each year, the best band being sent to the city of Mexico to compete with similar organizations from other states.