Sentence Examples

  • Burdock Root - This herb is eaten as a vegetable in some cultures and is considered safe for human consumption in herbal teas, though it can sometimes be confused with another root belladonna, which is not safe for consumption.
  • Burdock roots closely resemble the roots of a highly poisonous plant known as Atropa belladonna, or deadly nightshade, do not consume the roots unless you are sure you can identify the herb and it is from the burdock plant.
  • Several herbs, including chamomile (Matricaria recutita), dandelion (Taraxacum mongolicum), and burdock (Arctium lappa), act as bitters, stimulating the movement of the digestive and excretory systems.
  • Herbal supplements that benefit individuals who have iron deficiency anemia include alfalfa, burdock root, dandelion, dong quai, mullein, nettle, raspberry leaf, shepherd's purse, and yellow dock.
  • Slouchy Leather Burdock Bag: Available in the colors tea rose, walnut and nutmeg, this handbag combines the easy going nature of the 1970s with the natural finish of the 1990s.