Sentence Examples

  • Sir Henry Burdett quotes an order, dated 30th May 1578, directing the master and the prior of the Hotel Dieu "not to receive henceforth any novices without speaking of it to the company, because there are an excessive number of nuns and novices, who cause great expense to the said Hotel Dieu."
  • In the American schools more attention is paid to the preparation of nurses for private work than in the British (Burdett), and a directory or registry of them is kept in most large towns.
  • Sir Henry C. Burdett, Hospitals and Asylums of the World; The Nursing Profession (annual); Hampton, Nursing; Percy G.
  • He made himself exceedingly unpopular u1 1810 by bringing about the exclusion of strangers, including reporters for the press, from the House of Commons under the standing order, which led to the imprisonment of Sir Francis Burdett in the Tower and to riots in London.
  • The monastery evidently also held another fair there called St Ellen's fair, for in 1583 Queen Elizabeth granted this fair and St Paul's fair and the market "lately belonging to the dissolved monastery of Pontefract" to one Henry Burdett, and Ralph and Henry his sons for their lives.