Sentence Examples

  • The two dominant sections of the population are the Namburi Brahmins and the Nairs or military caste.
  • These opposed a national resistance to the Macedonians, the fires of which were fanned by the Brahmins, but still the strong arm of the western people prevailed.
  • The second book continues the history of his conquests, and the third contains the victory over Porus, the relations with the Brahmins, the letter to Aristotle on the wonders of India, the histories of Candace and the Amazons, the letter to Olympias on the marvels of Farther Asia, and lastly the account of Alexander's death in Babylon.
  • De situ et mirabilibus Indiae), and the correspondence between Alexander and the king � of the Brahmins, Dindimus, both of which are often contained in MSS.
  • Megasthenes also describes the Jews as the philosophers of Syria and couples them with the Brahmins of India.