Sentence Examples

  • The challenge is to dive undersea to save the Krabby Patty secret recipe while performing delicate surgery on SpongeBob's Barnacle Brain, Evil Thoughts and Clammy Hands without giving him a shock by setting off the buzzer.
  • A modern one touch regional weather station allows consumers to prepare for whatever sort of weather the day brings while waking to their choice of weather, music or buzzer.
  • The buzzer can go off at anytime, and it always creates a lot of laughter from all the players.It is a great game to give as a gift because it is easy to learn and play.
  • Its brown case hides the latest clock technology as well as convenience options like separate snooze and sleep bars, easy volume control and radio or buzzer alarms.
  • In addition to its mini sound system functions, this clock offers users a variety of alarm options including a buzzer, the radio, CD music, chimes, flute or gong.