Sentence Examples

  • If we wish merely to enumerate those whose partitions contain the figure 0, and do not therefore contain any power of a as a factor, we have the generator ze 1-z2.1-z3.1-z4....1-z0.
  • 1 Ze'; Which Preserves Its Expression When 0 And P And 0 And Q Are Separately Or Simultaneously Interchanged.
  • 1 Ze An Expression Which Also Enumerates The Asyzygetic Seminvariants, We May Regard The Form, Written, As Denoting The General Form Of Asyzygetic Seminvariant; A Very Important Conclusion.
  • This has been twice printed in comparatively recent times (Instrukcya Jak6ba Sobieskiego kasztelana Krakowskiego dana pane Orchowskiemu ze strony synow, Vilna, 1840).
  • Eeclo}, hielt ia ze euze x Ist ?etdrethti / r - Mcerd.n'.