Sentence Examples

  • WHITELAW REID (1837-), American journalist and diplomatist, was born of Scotch parentage, near Xenia, Ohio, on the 27th of October 1837.
  • He graduated at Miami University in 1856, and spoke frequently in behalf of John C. Fremont, the Republican candidate for the presidency in that year; was superintendent of schools of South Charleston, Ohio, in 1856-58, and in 1858-59 was editor of the Xenia News.
  • If this is so, and the endosperm like the embryo is normally the product of a sexual act, hybridization will give a hybrid endosperm as it does a hybrid embryo, and herein (it is suggested) we may have the explanation of the phenomenon of xenia observed in the mixed endosperms of hybrid races of maize and other plants, regarding which it has only been possible hitherto to assert that they were indications of the extension of the influence of the pollen beyond the egg and its product.
  • The chief source of his biography is his own poetry, especially the Latin elegy addressed to Jean de Morel, "Elegia ad Janum Morellum Ebredunensem, Pyladem suum," printed with a volume of Xenia (Paris, 1569).
  • Like his father, he was nowhere happier than in the family circle, and he was particularly attached to his -sister, the grand-duchess Xenia, who was seven years younger than himself.

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