Sentence Examples

  • Thus, in Malvaceae the corolla is contorted and the calyx valuate, or reduplicate; in St John's-wort the calyx is imbricate, and the corolla contorted.
  • See Funcke, Geschichte des Furstenthums and der Stadt Essen (Elberfeld, 1851); Kellen, Die Industriestadt Essen in Wort and Bild (Essen, 1902); and A.
  • Schneider, Wurttembergische Geschichte (Stuttgart, 1896); Belschner, Geschichte von Wurttemberg in Wort and Bild (Stuttgart, 1902); Weller, Wurttemberg in der deutschen Geschichte (Stuttgart, 1900); K.
  • His speeches are lmost the one monument of the struggle on which a lover of english greatness can look back with pride and a sense of wort ness, such as a churchman feels when he reads Bossuet, or an A glican when he turns over the pages of Taylor or of Hooker.: urke's attitude in these high transactions is really more imp essive than Chatham's, because he was far less theatrical than Ch tham; and while he was no less nobly passionate for freedom and j stice, in his passion was fused the most strenuous political argu entation and sterling reason of state.
  • Eckardt, Alt-Kiel in Wort and Bild (Kiel, 1899); P. Hasse, Das Kieler Stadtbuch, 1264-1289 (Kiel, 1875); Das dlteste Kieler Rentebuch 1300, 1487, edited by C. Reuter (Kiel, 1893); Das zweite Kieler Rentebuch 1487, 1586, edited by W.

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