Sentence Examples

  • Yet it was common; Verres was worshipped before he was impeached¬†!
  • Once again, he was the Sirian she remembered, the man she worshipped as a child as he belted orders to the army.
  • Vulcan was the most important - perhaps in early times the only - deity worshipped at Ostia, and the priesthood of Vulcan was held sometimes by Roman senators.
  • The ithyphallic Min (Pan) was here worshipped as "the strong Horus."
  • She was worshipped, under the form of a conical stone, in an open-air sanctuary of the usual Cypriote type (not unlike those of Mycenaean Greece), the general form of which is known from representations on late gems, and on Roman imperial coins;' its ground plan was discovered by excavations in 1888.2 It suffered repeatedly from earthquakes, and was rebuilt more than once; in Roman times it consisted of an open court, irregularly quadrangular, with porticos and chambers on three sides, and a gateway through them on the east.