Sentence Examples

  • Lori was sitting on the porch swing, a red welt on one cheek.
  • Of the Geschichte der Welt- litteratur.
  • In the end of 1818, however, the book appeared (with the date 1819) as Die Welt als Wille and Vorstellung, in four books, with an appendix containing a criticism of the Kantian philosophy (Eng.
  • The next noteworthy work was a history of antiquity and its culture (Universalhistorische Ubersicht der Geschichte der alten Welt and ihrer Kultur, 1 st part, 1826; 2nd part, 1834), which, while revealing little knowledge of the new criticism of sources inaugurated by F.
  • Of German biographies may be mentioned Hans Blum, Bismarck and seine Zeit (6 vols., Munich, 1894-1895), with a volume of appendices, &c. (1898); Heyck, Bismarck (Bielefeld, 1898); Kreutzer, Otto von Bismarck (2 vols., Leipzig, 1900); Klein-Hattingen, Bismarck and seine Welt, 1815-1871, Bd.