Sentence Examples

  • The Union of Horodlo also established absolute parity between the nobility of Poland and Lithuania, but the privileges of the latter were made conditional upon their profession of the Roman Catholic faith, experience having shown that difference of religion in Lithuania meant difference of politics, and a tendency Moscow-wards, the majority of the Lithuanian boyars being of the Greek Orthodox Confession.
  • The common council were chosen by the wards until 1351, when the appointments were made by certain companies.
  • Tamer hadn't bothered to put on a shirt, appearing as if he'd leapt out of bed the moment the wards alerted him.
  • One of the Gods tripped the wards he had set around his territory in southern California.
  • Each of the 28 wards has a resident alderman elected by the entire city vote, one-half of the board retiring biennially.

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